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Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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Looking to train for an obstacle race like Spartan or Tough Mudder? From rope climbs and wall jumps to bucket carries and sled pulls, our Saturday morning GRIT FIT class is designed to teach you the tips and techniques needed to get you ready both physically and mentally for any obstacle that comes your way.


Dial up your inner Savage-mode with our high intensity boxing class. This fast paced circuit training class combines basic combat bag work with core and cardio conditioning movements to get the best sweat possible in 60-mins.


Learn the tips and tricks when working with barbell movements. This class is designed for athletes of all levels, whether you’re just starting off with learning the fundamentals of lifting or you’re an experienced athlete looking to add in different techniques, Barbell Skills will sharpen your knowledge and skillsets get the best results out of your workout.


The Hybrid HIIT class is perfect for anyone looking to get a great 60-min high intensity, circuit-training workout with minimal impact. Ideal for anyone with injuries, as well as beginner athletes.


Our Total Body Training Class is designed for anyone looking to burn fat and build lean muscle in a fun, fast paced class. This circuit style workout is structured to get you the best total body results for an efficient and effective 60-mins.


Build muscle and increase strength with our group Strength Training Class! This low impact, high volume 60-minute workout will be ideal for anyone looking to focus on lifting heavy, while incorporating longer stations and minimal cardio.
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