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About FNS

What started in 2006 as a strength and conditioning hybrid program, has turned into one of the most effective and game changing fitness programs for thousands of people.

“One Size Fits All” fits NO ONE.

We are not Crossfit, or a treadmill cardio class, or any other one size fits all programs. A one size fits all program fits no one. We don’t have instructors who are there to just demonstrate the workout of the day, instructors lead a workout, coaches lead a program. Our team of Coaches ensures responsibility for all our athletes. Much like a sports team, we coach everyone on the team. The success of our culture, coaching, and community is training together with purpose to improve the lives of ourselves and support the person next to you.


There is no competing for fastest workout times, our athletes work hard subjective to their own fitness level. We are hard working, humble, everyday athletes, working professionals, mothers, fathers, and students looking to improve their fitness and support those around them with a lot of high fives.

Our coaching starts before our athletes hit the training floor. Real coaching starts with a Game Plan, Goals and Purpose. That is why we sit down with every single athlete before they begin their program in a one on one goal-coaching meeting. The FNS Training Center is more of a sports team than it is a gym. We all have individual goals, we all know each other’s goals, and every athlete supports one another to helping them achieve their respective goals.

FNS Training Center is the only Customized Team Training program in the industry that creates an athlete’s Game Plan focused on Mindset, Meals and Movement.

Losing 20lbs in 6 weeks isn’t the goal here, rather keeping the weight off for a lifetime is. Our success together is built on long term results, not the quick fix gimmicks that are too often marketed to people in this industry.

Our Philosophy


Set Your Goals

Clearly state objective and measurable goals  what you want to accomplish and make it your daily mantra.

Consistent Action

Consistency is the key to success and taking consistent and sustainable actions every day will guarantee achieving massive results.

Achieve Success

Follow the process, reach your goals and celebrate success every step of the way.